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The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre

An exemplar facility for integrated care with wellbeing at its heart.

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre


Hull, UK


Citycare with NHS Hull CCG and Community Health Partnerships


Integrated Care


Architect, Lead Consultant





The pioneering Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre is the first of a new class of NHS facilities to cater for the needs of an increasingly elderly population, providing out of hospital care and reducing the need for hospital admission. Adopting an entirely new way of delivering health services, the centre brings together a range of specialist services to provide a more holistic approach to health, care, and social support. A welcoming heart to the building, with clear wayfinding and open and transparent views to landscaping, supports the wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors.

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre

Creating a comfortable environment for all patients

By organising the welcoming point at the heart of the low-rise building, all the clinical and support functions are nearby and accessible. The planning logic of interspersing clinical and public spaces fosters a sense of reassurance and wellbeing. This is central to the experience of patients, staff, and visitors in their journey from diagnosis to treatment and therapy.

The therapeutic and non-institutional character of the design is immediately apparent with abundant daylight, views to gardens, and comfortable and convenient waiting spaces. The generous public realm segregates traffic and provides a boulevard and garden spaces, which encourage mobility and time outdoors.

As a patient I felt everything about my health, wellbeing and lifestyle, despite my age, was important and I was treated as a whole person.

Patient Feedback

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre

Bright and generous circulation spaces provide access to landscaped gardens.

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre

Waiting spaces have been designed to be open and comfortable, with views to the outdoors.

This is a very positive milestone and progression towards changing healthcare in Hull. It is a prestigious development to provide another great community facility and it’s a unique and complex design in terms of integrating public services under one roof.

Dan Simmons Associate Director - Developments Citycare

A popular landmark for health in the community

The carefully selected palette of materials and components forms a distinctive identity for the new centre. Features such as the oriel window draw the eye and communicate a structure and order to the linear form. A warm yellow accent colour is used to aid navigation to the main entrance and sets a bright and optimistic tone on arrival.

Sited on vacant school land in an area of the city often deprived of investment, the Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre has created a new civic landmark that the local community are very proud of.

We wanted the centre to be welcoming and warm and have had great feedback so far. It enhances the healing environment, it’s relaxed, calm, and dementia friendly.

Dr Dan Harman

Consultant Geriatrician - City Health Care Partnership CIC

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre

The feature oriel window and accent colour highlights the entrance point.

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre

Large windows bring light into the interior.


Spaces that adapt to ensure long term value

Where clinical services are evolving rapidly, growth and change must be considered to deliver long-term value. The building has been designed with a process of appropriate standardisation to provide the flexibility to adapt to future changes in need.

As well as NHS services, the complex incorporates a new fire station for Humberside Fire and Rescue, who also cater for patients who slip and fall. This reflects the ‘One Public Estate’ model, with public agencies pooling resources to realise a new campus where the whole delivers much more than the sum of its parts.

Whilst creating flexible estate solutions, it is about giving the NHS the best quality and designing a building which can be flexible around services for decades to come.

Alan Johnson

Independent Chair - Citycare

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre

Built-in seating keeps circulation spaces clutter free.



In its opening year, the centre achieved a 10% reduction in both emergency department attendance and emergency admissions, and a saving of £72 a year per patient on drug costs. For those reviewed in their own homes, the reduction in emergency admissions was 29% and for those reviewed in care homes 24.3%.

reduction in both emergency department attendance and emergency admissions.

Project Team