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North Manchester General Hospital Redevelopment

A transformational hospital redevelopment enhanced by digital integration.

North Manchester General Hospital Redevelopment


Manchester, UK


Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group


Acute Health


Healthcare Architect, Clinical Planner


Sheppard Robson (Masterplan and Lead Architect)




Outline Business Case Complete


97,000 m²

The redevelopment of North Manchester General Hospital comprises a phased programme of work to replace over 70% of the existing, aging estate, while services remain operational. Comprising of 70,000m² of new building and 27,000m² of refurbished accommodation, the redevelopment is arranged around a new landscaped public realm and circulation spine, creating a vibrant ‘heart’ to the new hospital. Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP) funded, this exemplar scheme is a pathfinder project for the NHS New Hospital Programme. We are developing the architectural design for the acute health facilities in collaboration with Sheppard Robson, focussing on clinical engagement and the design and organisation of clinical spaces.

North Manchester General Hospital Redevelopment

Designed by Sheppard Robson, the hospital masterplan creates a sustainable collection of buildings, set around a new 'village green', promoting healthy lifestyles for staff, patients, visitors and the community.


Informed clinical planning to create effective and flexible spaces

Drawing on insight from engagement with over 20 clinical groups, the hospital was designed with inherent flexibility from first principles. Floor plans are designed around an 8.1m x 9m structural grid, and rooms are standardized throughout the various departments, offering adaptability, long-term value, and opportunities for Modern Methods of Construction.

Functions are organised by critical adjacencies and servicing needs with careful consideration of patient flows and pathways, as well as accessibility, functionality and workflow efficiency. Vertical circulation and support spaces are located outside clinical accommodation blocks within a new circulation spine, allowing each clinical floor plan to remain compact and flexible.

It’s rare to work on a project with such ambition and that will have such transformative outcomes for the local community.

Alex Solk

Partner - Sheppard Robson

North Manchester General Hospital Redevelopment

With a thorough understanding of the clinical requirements of all departments, various development options were quickly modelled and a cohesive design developed.

North Manchester General Hospital Redevelopment

The new hospital has been carefully planned with phases of work that enable existing services to remain operational.

We have been very impressed with the depth of work Medical Architecture has produced, particularly considering the complexity of the project and the contracted timeframes between project milestones. We feel reassured that we are well positioned to move forward into the next stage of the project.

Michelle Humphreys Strategic Projects Director Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A digitally enhanced hospital with wellbeing at its heart

The design concept promotes the wellbeing of staff, patients, visitors and the community. A pattern of courtyards and lightwells provide daylight, views and access to outdoor space deep within the hospital.

Digital technology plays a fundamental role in the design, with fully integrated systems that enable patients and visitors to use the village green, spine and public courtyards before and after treatment, minimising the need to dwell in waiting areas and clinical departments. The ‘digital by design’ approach has enabling a marked shift in the delivery of care, reducing the site footprint required to deliver increasing volumes of care as demand grows.

The scheme was originally part of the HIP 2 delivery group. However, a structured and focussed approach, first at SOC (which was delivered in 7 weeks), then at OBC, meant that the project was advanced to the leading group of HIP 1 schemes.
North Manchester General Hospital Redevelopment

A collaborative design development workshop between Sheppard Robson and Medical Architecture.

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