Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire, UK

Laing O’Rourke with Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Lead Consultant
Health Planner
Interior Designer
Landscape Architect


Completed 2009

Brick Awards 2010 – Winner of Best Innovative Use of Brick and Clay Products

Project description:
The Mandeville Wing at Stoke Mandeville Hospital consolidates services previously distributed across the hospital site into a single building providing three day surgery theatres with recovery and 72-hour recovery beds. Outpatient services include ophthalmology; eye casualty; audiology, ear, nose and throat; rheumatology; diabetes and an elderly care day centre.

A review of the functional content followed a faltering business case. This led to a reduction in floor area by nearly 20% achieved through the introduction of shared and time managed generic accommodation. An innovative approach of flexible programming and efficient management of facilities resulted in releasing clinical space to neighbouring departments and maximising room occupancy (currently running at 95 per cent efficiency).

To deliver the project within a constrained time frame, the scheme was delivered with a modular building provider adapting room layouts to fit within the modular grid. This required careful and considered space planning. The disposition of generic space became a major determinant in enabling the desired functional programme with a 30% reduction in scheduled accommodation.

During procurement commercial negotiations with a modular accommodation supplier broke down (late) jeopardising the delivery programme. This was addressed by engaging with an alternative supplier and carrying out an urgent re-design to accommodate a new planning grid. This required exceptional resourcing arrangements to be put in place. The design achieved affordability through reducing area and maximising shared and multi-functional space and enables services to co-exist effectively and grow and change.

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