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Work – 29 Mar, 2023

Safehaven appointment demonstrates the value of our approach in Canada

We have been appointed by Canadian not-for-profit, Safehaven, alongside our long-time collaborators, Cumulus Architects, to design and plan the redevelopment of their Bloor Street site in Toronto, Canada.

Safehaven appointment demonstrates the value of our approach in Canada

The project will create an innovative, state-of-the-art hub for vulnerable individuals to live, grow and thrive in the community.

Safehaven provides residential and respite care to individuals with medical complexities and developmental disabilities, with six locations across the Greater Toronto Area. The project will include over 80 supportive and affordable housing units for vulnerable populations who are most in need of care, support, and housing services. The design will promote inclusion and belonging, in alignment with Safehaven’s five-year strategic plan.

The redevelopment of Safehaven’s Bloor site is years in the making and we are excited to begin the planning work with Cumulus and Medical Architecture. Their approach aligns to our vision to create a more inclusive world for individuals with complexities.

Mary Peterson Chair of the Board of Directors Safehaven

The facility will support a holistic model of care, with the integration of medical and respite space, transitional care space for patients getting ready to go back home after lengthy hospital stays, and supportive and affordable housing options for vulnerable members of the community. The project will also include mixed-use space for Safehaven to expand outreach and partnership development.

Lianne Knotts, Director at Medical Architecture, and Patsy Poulin, Principal at Cumulus Architects, said in a joint statement: “We greatly admire the vision that Safehaven has shared with us, there are no built precedents in Canada for the innovative programming and array of residential services they are contemplating. Their strategic plan naturally aligns with our approach to design for wellbeing and personal growth.”

The project adds to our growing body of work in the country alongside Canada-based practice, Cumulus Architects, which includes the Hillsborough Hospital Masterplan on Prince Edward Island, and an ongoing scheme for a large healthcare provider in Toronto.

Our new project will create innovative spaces and programming for children, youth and adults who are vulnerable and face the daily challenges of living with disabilities and complex care needs. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to belong and be a part of inclusive communities regardless of their abilities.

Susan Bisaillon

CEO - Safehaven

Safehaven appointment demonstrates the value of our approach in Canada

Developed in collaboration with Cumulus Architects, a sustainable long-term masterplan for Hillsborough Hospital, a mixed acute and mental health hospital on Prince Edward Island, a small province off the coast of Canada.