The Heart Hospital is located in the busy West End of London surrounded by some of the most expensive real estate in the world.  Reconfiguration of clinical services across the city meant re-planning one of the UK’s major cardiac centres to provide alternative services better aligned with UCLH long term plans.

The reconfigured hospital is at the forefront of national and international research where thousands of patients benefit from cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical intervention.

Medical Architecture was selected to map the capacity and suitability of the facility to clinical services. The selected specialism, Urology, required carefully targeted changes to the existing hospital’s existing arrangement and the identification of opportunities to increase clinical capacity without major disruption.

Working closely with the hospital clinical and estates team we identified several minor adaptations which would provide additional theatre, diagnostics outpatient and high quality bed capacity.

Working in a live clinical environment required carefully phased construction planning and regular communication with clinical staff to ensure that existing operations were not disrupted. The existing facility had a number of features which were incorporated into the new design to ensure a seamless new interior environment. Derogations from standard guidance were appraised to ensure risks were properly mitigated.

The project was completed on time and on budget, with patients moving in almost immediately after each stage of work was completed.

“The scheme is… a success because of the complete and total buy in to complete the project from all members of the project team.”
– John Clucas, Construction Project Manager, UCLH NHS FT.

16-18 Westmoreland Street,


University College London Hospital
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