Harrow, London, UK

Drs. Graham, Seyan and Partners



Completed 1999

Project description:
The patient list of this busy surgery, Simpson House, had grown to 12,000 and its premises were half the size required by Department of Health standards.

The surgery was reconfigured into a more efficient layout. Medical Architecture focused on upgrading the entrance and reception to improve patient flows.  A new extension to the front of the surgery built to the site limits allowed the retention of the existing car park.  The surgery is now largely wheelchair accessible to patients and staff with new treatment and clinical rooms on the ground floor

Several schemes for extensions into the severely constrained site were rejected on planning grounds due to the loss of parking provision.  The new extension and refurbished ground floor was constructed in three phases which allowed the GP’s to continue to practice satisfactorily throughout the 20 week construction period.

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