Sydney, NSW, Australia

Master Planning/Acute

NSW Health Infrastructure

Architect and Clinical Planner


Completed March 2012

Project description:
The populations of the Local Government Areas of Manly, Pittwater and Warringah are projected to grow steeply resulting in an increased demand on the existing ageing health facilities and services.  New South Wales Health Infrastructure approached MA to undertake a feasibility study involving the medical planning and phasing of a new 462 bed hospital that will become the main Northern Beaches Hospital. It will be made up of both public and private and will be carried out over a two phased procurement process, with phase one made up of two parts.

The selected site for the Hospital is positioned off two main arterial roads within a larger re-development site. In order to fully integrate the proposed hospital into the existing and proposed urban environment, Medical Architecture first produced a strategic masterplan that sets the infrastructure and structure for any future development. Our proposal focused on creating a number of important public centres, the new hospital, commercial, educational and residential zones linked by a new landscaped and servicing spine. Due to site constraints and variation in ground levels this spine is proposed elevated, enabling car parking to be slotted underneath with buildings to be either built on top or around the perimeter.

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