Birmingham, UK

Birmingham and Solihull NHS Foundation Trust (formally East Birmingham Health Authority)

Lead Consultant and Architect


Completed 1994

Project description:
The Little Bromwich project involved the provision of a new Older Adult Assessment Unit. It is made up of a 32 bed residential care and assessment ward and a 40 place Day Hospital. The ward areas are self-contained and provide sufficient facilities of the daily activities of living/dining and assessment/treatment to take place.

Two plan forms divide the service users into two groups: the functionally and the organically mentally ill. Those whose diagnosis was not yet established necessitated a zone, which could accommodate residents for more closely observed assessment and to take up fluctuations in each group. The building maintains the separate functions of its parts. It is in the form of seven linked single story pavilions arranged to take advantage of the sloping site and to make intimate, partially enclosed terraces and gardens around its perimeter.  At the centre of the plan two fully enclosed courtyards either side of the ramped conservatory/ winter garden link all the social spaces by means of stepped terraces.

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