Hopewood Park is a 122-bed inpatient and outpatient facility for adults and older people. This project sets new benchmarks for quality and long term value in modern mental health accommodation.

The new mental health campus provides a safe recovery centred environment, with generous and relaxing places to appreciate views to the sea and surrounding landscape.

“The building looked very bright and modern from the outside and I was pleasantly surprised at exactly how lovely it is. It doesn’t feel like you’re walking into a psychiatric hospital, the grounds are lovely. There is lots of glass and open viewing areas to the sea. It has a calm and spacious feel to it. I may still not want to be in hospital, but hopefully I will be able to spend my time thinking about my recovery and the help and support I will receive rather than the fact that I feel like I’m being punished for being poorly.”
Service user

Urgent care wards with safe enclosed gardens are paired for efficient staffing, these along with a psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU), share common therapy, amenity and support in a prominent civic-scale central facility at the heart of the development.

The design is formulated and realised throughout using advanced integrated 3D building information modelling (BIM) with links to components from the construction supply chain. This co-ordinated delivery sets the development apart as a leading edge modern design-build project.

“Most hospitals and clinics are either overly ‘homely’ or have clinical interiors without natural light. Entering Hopewood Park you ‘fall straight out’ into the landscape the other side – a masterstroke.”  Prue Chiles, RIBA Award Juror & Prof. of Architectural Design Research, Newcastle University

Sunderland, UK

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

Lead Consultant,
Landscape Architect
BIM Coordinator

Value: £50,000,000

Status : Completed July 2014


  1. BBH Awards 2016:
    Best BIM Development
  2. Constructing Excellence National Award 2015:
    BIM Project of the Year 2015
  3. RIBA North East:
    Client of the Year Award 2015
  4. Constructing Excellence North East (CENE)
    Awards 2015: Innovation – winner
  5. CENE 2015:
    BIM Project of the Year – winner,
  6. CENE 2015:
    Value – highly commended,
  7. CENE 2015:
    Project of the Year

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