DeCrespigny Park

London, UK

Metropolitan Housing Trust with South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

Lead Consultant, Architect, Interior Designer and Landscape Architect


Completed 2005

Ref: 238

Project description:
De Crespigny Park is a residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Unit for people with severe and enduring mental health problems. The project converted two existing buildings adjacent to a large inner-city psychiatric hospital, the Maudsley, into ten one-bedroom flats designed to Lifetime Home standards and two wheelchair-accessible flats. Integrated care is offered for a maximum stay of two years.

A key design driver was to achieve a balance between personal privacy and independence of its residents and at the same time create an environment that fosters social interaction and community integration. The layout and content of the communal areas reflects a desire to promote social interaction between the residents in a relaxed, informal setting with a direct relationship to the garden at the rear of the building. All residents have self-contained accommodation comprising of open plan living and kitchen areas together with bedroom and shower and toilet facilities.

A high priority was given to preserve, where possible, and rebuild where condition, cost and safety make this impractical, the form and features of the existing buildings that make a positive contribution to the Camberwell Grove Conservation Area. For this reason the front façades were retained behind which a new building was constructed. This strategy represents a balance of the aspirations of the local conservation area, Southwark Council’s planning requirements and the needs of the buildings new residents.

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Ref: 238