Buckinghamshire, UK

Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Lead Consultant, Architect and Interior Designer


Completed December 2009

Project description:
Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust required the consolidation of maternity services on the Stoke Mandeville Hospital closing facilities at nearby High Wycombe. This project was politically sensitive, required delicate change management and was delivered with limited capital.

We ensured that the project was aligned with the Trust’s future change and expansion strategy as well as securing Business Case approval for the scheme. The project required service modernisation, consolidation of support facilities, improved workflow and doubling of service capacity.

The existing under utilised mother and baby department at the Claydon Wing, Stoke Mandeville Hospital was identified as the preferred option and a scheme was developed which enabled existing operation to be maintained during modernisation.

The Outpatients Department had been redesigned as part of the proposed Development Control Plan to be located conveniently for aligned operation with the new maternity department. Work was categorised and services remained operational during the phased process.

The existing 12 delivery rooms were increased to 18 Labour, Delivery, Recovery and Post-Natal (LDRP) rooms with en-suite facilities and one High Dependency (HD) ward. A single theatre was increased to two theatre capacity with recovery and staff areas. The existing Special Care Baby Unit (SPBU) was enhanced and increased from 12 to 27-cot Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with staff facilities, parent’s room, associated bereavement and on-call rooms. Wards were reconfigured to incorporate more single rooms and single transitional care rooms in addition to the LDRP rooms provided.

The interior design balances the demands of a highly sensitive aseptic environment with the calming familiarity required to provide a high performing patient-centred setting. The design uses a simple range of easily cleaned materials combined with a warm and consistent colour palette and carefully designed lighting to communicate a professional and reassuring environment.

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