The Bevan Ward design for Hillingdon Hospital incorporated the provision of 100% single bedroom accommodation in an acute hospital inpatient unit.  This required redefinition of clinical practice, workforce planning and support functions.

Commissioned partly by the Department of Health (DoH) to incorporate new ergonomic studies and research as part of HBN04_01 ‘Adult In-patient Facilities’ and Hillingdon Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the project piloted the utilisation of single room accommodation prior to a major redevelopment project.

Central to the initiative, was to evaluate the prototype accommodation in use, three differently configured wings, housing 24 bedrooms, were designed.

Each single room has en suite facilities, fundamental principles are accessibility and space for moving and handling patients.  Accessibility is suitable for most patients whether independent wheelchair users or those requiring assistance.  The project incorporated evidence based principles for increased patient safety.

Bevan Ward was evaluated by a range of patient groups with differing clinical needs, with respect to effects on outcomes including patient satisfaction regarding: information and communication; bed occupancy and length of stay; patient privacy and sleep quality.

Results indicated that, despite 87% not feeling isolated and 92% preferring a single room for a future admission, there remained patients who had concerns about the single room’s lack of socialisation.

Since this evaluation, there have been 3 pieces of work about socialisation factors in acute ward settings, subsequently social areas are likely to be included in all new design proposals for this Hospital Trust.

Hillingdon Hospital, London, UK

Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust

Lead Architect
Healthcare Planner


Completed 2008

Ref: 460

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