Sep 28, 2021

The ProCure23 framework tender is launched

The ProCure23 framework tender is launched.

The long-awaited ProCure23 framework tender is out. This brings the procurement under Crown Commercial Services and NHS England and marks a step-change from earlier ProCure frameworks, which were more club-like and self-contained. This will have a different feel.

We now know that there are three NHS lots:

  • Lot 1. Seven regional lots for projects under £20m
  • Lot 2. A national lot for projects between £20m and £70m
  • Lot 3. A national lot for projects over £70m

ProCure23 is not intended to provide the main sourcing route for the very large projects in the New Hospitals Programme (NHP), however, some of the ‘agile schemes’ will be in range.

This new structure opens procurement to new players in a growing market. The regional lots will be particularly competitive with a range of new entrants seeking to move into a market which has demanding disciplines, health design standards, and high-risk working environments. The national lots will attract all the usual players with the possibility of new consortia challenging established teams.

The key to success is not only being able to compete financially, but also to describe an approach to quality. Above all, there is the need to demonstrate how the bidder plans to work, with good evidence of capability. Here, in a change from earlier frameworks, ‘key supply chain members’ will play a significant role in strengthening any team offer.

We have had a long involvement in NHS design and construction frameworks, piloting one of the first projects in the North-West region in 2002. We have successfully delivered around 100 projects since then, through successful collaboration with many of the major framework contractors. With a specialised focus on healthcare, we provide experience, expertise, and evidence of successful delivery.

We welcome you to get in touch if you would like to know more.

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