Masterplan – Wycombe General Hospital

Wycombe General Hospital Plan

Buckinghamshire, UK

Durrow Management for
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Consultant Architect


Completed 2007

Project description:
To initiate the project, Medical Architecture conducted a detailed analysis and assessment of Wycombe General Hospital’s buildings and functional content.  This identified that the hospital’s clinical accommodation was typically below current guidance standards, also  there was a requirement to address duplication with exiting service provision at Stoke Mandeville.

To resolve these shortcomings and to implement the Trust’s strategic proposals, a multiple phased strategy was proposed that would allow for both consolidation and re-configuration of services within existing, PFI procured and new build accommodation.  The new build component included a proposal for 15,000m² of accommodation to replace much of the outdated 1960’s buildings that could not be easily refurbished to meet modern compliance standards.

The Development Control Plan also had to consider the complexities posed by a difficult sloping site with constraints on access, vehicular circulation and parking provision.  The proposed phasing strategy aimed to minimise site-wide disruption to maintain the services of a fully functioning live hospital environment.  This involved a carefully considered decanting strategy.

This project is reflective of the issues faced by many acute hospital trusts which have multiple sites providing identical or similar clinical services. Duplication often involves increased costs and fails to maximise the potential of assets either for retained clinical use or for disposal and re-investment. With current funding and procurement constraints, the reconfiguration of existing estate assets to maximise their potential is now more actively being pursued by NHS Trusts.

The Development Control Plan of  Wycombe General Hospital was informed by the Shaping Health Services proposals implemented by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.  Specifically, this involved a re-configuration of healthcare services between the Trust’s two principal sites, Wycombe and Stoke Mandeville.  In the case of Wycombe, this would retain certain specialist and acute services whilst becoming the primary location for elective and planned surgical care for the Trust.

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