Waikato Hospital Plan

Hamilton, New Zealand

Durrow Management Services with Waikato District Health Board

Consultant Healthcare Planner


Completed 2008

Project description:
We worked alongside Durrow Management Services to examine the District Health Board’s (DHB) proposed redevelopments and changes in service delivery.

The resulting feasibility study set out our findings; the first part comments on the issues facing the Waikato Hospital and the second presents a range of alternative masterplanning options.

Our study emphasises the macro organisation of the site. We propose that the Waikato site is an amalgamation of a number of clinical enterprises of which the most important (by volume) are:

  • Emergency assessment and treatment
  • Elective diagnostic and interventions
  • Women’s health, maternal health & birthing, and neonatal care
  • Professional consulting
  • Dynamic rehabilitation.

We identified the proposed Emergency Department as an important and well judged target for early capital investment. The linkage to, and the range of facilities in, the diagnostic and support services was also examined and our proposal to add inpatient beds located above the ED underpinned this strategy.

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