The Treatment Centre – Kidderminster, is the refurbishment of an existing hospital to form an essential element of national and local strategy to meet the aim of delivering high quality modern healthcare. It provides a walk in, walk out service that includes:

  • A one-stop clinic.
  • A primary care centre.
  • A local minor injury centre.
  • Elective day surgery and medicine.
  • Modern high-tech diagnostic facilities.
  • A rehabilitation service.
  • A telemedicine link-up with centres of excellence.
  • Consultant-led outpatient clinics across all the specialities.

The design aims to improve the patient experience. The completed work provides an easier to navigate, civic environment, and a more vibrant and attractive place to work and visit.

The central atrium space is vital to the social function and fundamental to way finding in a vertically layered building.

All inpatient beds are provided in single en-suite bedrooms, a significant aspect for improved patient recovery and reduced cross infection. Interior design and selection of signage and materials are determinedly non-NHS standard.

“The model is based on the notion of wellness”
David Evans, General Manager.

The Centre is the exemplar of NHS modernisation and is the second operational ambulatory care centre of its kind in the country. The renewed environment also facilitated the reinvention of staff culture which is pivotal to the success of this new model of patient centred healthcare facility.

From the layout to the way staff interacts with the building users, the Centre marks a significant departure from traditional NHS ways of thinking and working.

“The centre is a remarkable new facility for the West Midlands. Conceived as part of an overall strategy for healthcare re-provision for the Worcestershire region, the centre is an exemplar of NHS modernisation and impressed judges by being the only second ambulatory care centre of its kind in the country.”
– Highly commended at Building Better Healthcare Awards 2004 the judges reported.

Kidderminster Hospital,
Kidderminster, UK

Durrow Management with
Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Lead Consultant
Health Planner
Interior Designer
Landscape Architect


Completed 2004

Building Better Healthcare Awards 2004:
Highly Commended: Best Designed Hospital

Ref: 395, 327

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