Riverside Surgery Exterior

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK

Dr. Hill and Partners

Lead Consultant, Architect, Healthcare Planner and Interior Designer


Completed 1991

Project description:
The Riverside Surgery site, so called as it is bordered by the River Wye to the north, workshops to the west and George Street to the south. Designed for six partners, the building exemplifies the use of multi-function space to allow future flexibility for the ever increasing range of services offered by the GP’s.

The rooms are planned around two courtyards which can be used in the summer months by patients from the waiting room on the public side of the building and by staff from the common room on the private, administrative side.

Architecturally the building borrows heavily from the Watford surgery; the central high space, the projecting canopy and the eaves detail are all drawn from the same vocabulary.  Dr Hill and his partners chose Medical Architecture “because they were committed to designing within cost”.

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