Psychiatric Hospital PPP Bid – Stonehouse Hospital

Stonehouse Entrance

Dartford, UK

Grosvenor House Group with
West Kent NHS & Social Care Trust

Lead Consultant
Master Planner
Healthcare Planner
Interior Designer
Landscape Architect


Preferred Bidder 2004

Project description:
The Stone House Hospital PFI project proposed to close the original hospital and develop new services on the remaining site in Dartford plus an additional site in Maidstone.

The mental health facilities comprise:

  • Addiction Services: 12 bed community and inpatient unit.
  • Mental Health Services for Older People: 40 bed continuing care unit.
  • Support Services: mental health centre, community equipment store and wheelchair clinic.
  • Rehabilitation Services: 12 bed rehabilitation unit.

Our work involved the design of mental health facilities as part of the PFI bidding process.

The new facilities on the Stone House site were developed to create a focus, which responds to the Trust’s proposed models of care, provision for future growth and change, the creation of a civic landmark that reflects the innovation and excellence of the services offered within.

The constraints of the site including its shape and the retention of some buildings were turned into project enhancing features.

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