Roskilde, Denmark

Mental Health

Capital Region

Health Planning Architects for Karlsson Arkiteker


Competition Entry 2012, shortlisted to the last six

Project description:
It is the Capital Region’s vision to rethink the treatment and organisation of forensic psychiatry in the region, with the aim of becoming a national and international leader in the field.

The aim of the 126 bed Sct Hans Psychiatric Hospital is to support the patients so they have the opportunity to make choices that ensure progress in treatment and care, rehabilitation and social reintegration. A high level of security is also central to the design of the new buildings. The environment needed to be perceived as non-stigmatizing and support patient rehabilitation, so reducing the risk of re-offending.

The proposal is arranged in H – shaped building structures in a horizontal plane.  This focussed on the design of an open forecourt extension of Toft Park’s line of sight as a prelude to a central common area with views over the communal gardens, meadows to the west and the fjord to the north.

Ref: B733