New HIP/2 Acute Hospital – North Manchester General Hospital

Image © Sheppard Robson 2020

Medical Architecture is designing the new North Manchester General Hospital in collaboration with Sheppard Robson Architects, currently at RIBA Stage 2. This project replaces the majority of the hospital’s aging accommodation. Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP/2) funded, the hospital comprises 40,000sqm new build, 27,000sqm refurbishment and engagement with over 20 clinical stakeholder groups.

The masterplan allows the hospital to be integrated with new commercial and residential zones, creating a cohesive and vibrant new community. Way-finding is a driving design principle, with the new hospital arranged around a new landscaped public realm and a new entrance at its centre. A new circulation ‘spine’ linking new and existing buildings accommodates waiting, self check-in, cafés and retail. With direct views to the landscaped public realm, it will create a vibrant ‘heart’ to the new hospital.

Functions are organised by critical adjacencies and servicing needs; comprising a technical block of highly serviced spaces (theatres, critical care, emergency department) adjacent to a ward ‘tower’ block. Vertical circulation and support space, including staff rest areas, has been located outside these accommodation blocks within the new spine, allowing each clinical floor plan to remain compact and flexible, while providing respite to staff. Floor plans are designed around a 9m structural grid and flat slab concrete construction to maximise planning flexibility. The new hospital has been carefully planned to allow phases of work to occur that enable the existing services to continue to operate.

We are currently reviewing the design in response to Covid-19, with significant use of emerging technology. This includes increasing remote consultation to 40% of outpatient appointments and transforming the clinical waiting areas to allow for staged sessions, which rely on enhanced digital communication.

Manchester, UK


The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group

Clinical Planner


RIBA Stage 2, SOC complete, OBC in progress