Hertfordshire, UK

West Herts Community Health NHS Trust

Lead Consultant and Architect


Completed 1995

Project description:
The two 24 bed Community Treatment Units provide short term care, assessment and day care facilities for the local adults of St Albans and Hemel Hempstead. Largely single storey and framing three courtyards with the fourth as an open entrance court, the units are designed to complement the existing landscape and respect the scale and privacy of its neighbours.

Each building is organised with its five house clusters, or bedroom groups with an enclosed cloister linking them to the share day spaces. This allows them to move from any bedroom to another part of the building without passing through the private area of another cluster, thus allowing clients to be cared for in specific gender, racial or social groups if required. The staff communications office is centrally located between the day and impatient accommodation with views across the courtyards to each house group.

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