As part of the hospital’s strategy to increase its clinical capacity, this project formed the penultimate phase of work. The Trust required an existing 9-bed intensive care unit to be re-located in order to provide the space needed to increase its provision of operating theatres, which had become imperative to the Trust’s new developments.

We worked closely with their clinical staff to develop a refined version of their existing service, benefitting from lessons learnt to inform our design. This was particularly beneficial when determining the optimum space standards and in designing bespoke items of furniture.

Through clear, cogent planning we created a layout that is deceptively simple and offers a great capacity for patient observation, while providing high standards of space for the various items of equipment required at each bed. The simple ceiling also hides the careful coordination of medical pendants, the supporting structure, ceiling mounted hoists and additional building services.

One of the unit’s most striking features is the bespoke artwork developed for the glazed screens. This was designed to benefit the mental health of patients, providing a moment of respite at a critical point in their care.

One particular challenge presented by this project was the need for the surrounding hospital site to remain live and fully functional throughout the course of construction. As a result, the project schedule was carefully planned to mitigate disruption as much as possible. It ensured that noisy construction works took place outside of the hospital’s busiest periods and that dust control was a high priority. Alternative site access arrangements were also required in order to ensure the hospital’s lobby area could remain live throughout.

The finished facility is the only unit in the UK dedicated to treating neuromedical disorders. Its multidisciplinary team of neurologists, anaesthetists, nursing staff and therapists provide specialist treatment to approximately 150 patients per year. The facility creates a calming, therapeutic environment for patients and a high quality professional environment for staff, where they feel deeply valued and well equipped to offer their patients the highest level of care.

National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London


University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust



Completed March 2018

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