The Cleadon Ward is a new service, to Monkwearmouth Hospital in Sunderland, which provides assessment and treatment, for people who are physically frail with a functional mental health illness.

The £4,600,000 project involved the refurbishment and extension of an existing building to create an 18 bed ward for the service.

The new ward works alongside the Dementia Service Assessment and Treatment Unit, Roker & Mowbray Ward, the Challenging Behaviour Unit of Marsden, and the Grange Day Unit already situated on the hospital site to form a specialist Older Persons Centre.

The existing accommodation, while conveniently located, did not meet current spatial and facilities standards.  The refurbishment and extension thus involved the reorganisation of internal spaces to create a mixed sex ward with en-suite accommodation, an attractive outdoor courtyard and a new entrance, providing a building that fully complies with modern clinical service delivery and enhances the privacy and dignity afforded to each patient.

While the new development features the same number of bedrooms, users and staff as the existing ward, the facilities had to be expanded. The project involved the addition of two bedroom wings to create a single courtyard building, providing a secure and manageable external garden and streamlined staff access within. Provision of new bedrooms and en-suites accounted for the majority of the extension, with the rest of the existing building being reorganised to provide a much more cohesive and useable environment.

Some of the features of the Cleadon Ward include:

  • Wider corridors with anti-ligature hand rails
  • Direct line of sight between bed positions and en-suite toilets.
  • Safer bedrooms for those patients who require increased support.
  • Gender swing-zones to ensure that the ward is responsive to service needs and providing full occupancy whilst ensuring privacy and dignity of the patients is maintained at all times
  • Integrated artwork by Artstop Studios into the overall interior design

Medical Architecture worked closely throughout the Cleadon Ward project with the Clinical and  the Capital Projects teams, learning from previous building projects within the trust to ensure that the ward would be able to meet the needs of this patient group.

“There is a huge potential for well-designed environments to encourage the healing process for people who are physically frail and experiencing mental health issues.” – Anthony Buckley, Cleadon Ward Manager

“There’s been a lot of hard work and consideration put into this. It’s a comfortable place, you feel as if this is here to help you. It’s absolutely beautiful.” – service user

Monkwearmouth Hospital, Sunderland

Mental Health

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear
NHS Foundation Trust

Lead Consultant
Interior Designer


Completed October 2016

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