Edge Lane, Liverpool, UK

Liverpool and Sefton Health Partnerships with Mersey Care NHS Trust

Lead Consultant, Architect and Landscape Architect


Ongoing. Currently RIBA stage E/F (awaiting financial close)

BREEAM Award 2013

Project desription:
The first of five sites for development under the TIME (To Improve Mental Health Environments) Initiative by Mersey Care NHS Trust, Edge Lane will provide 85 inpatient beds and support accommodation set in the context of local whole service system provision.

The site sits in a prominent location on the busy Edge Lane corridor – a major arterial route into the centre of Liverpool. Marking the transition in the urban context, the design considers the regenerative potential of stitching together the residential, retail and industrial urban fabric and therapeutic power of the landscape to provide comfort for service users, staff and visitors. Centred on the principle of healing, the buildings are enclosed in an elliptical wall, the shape forms the perimeter to Edge Lane, aiding the street elevation and creating a landmark building.

“We have a building here that sets the standard for future facilities, where vulnerable service users are comfortable and can be cared for in a therapeutic environment.”
Alan Yates, Chief Executive, Mersey Care

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