Lewisham, London, UK

South London and Maudesley NHS Foundation Trust

Consultant Architect


Complete 2012

Project description:
Director, Bob Wills, led the AEDET reviews of two older adult inpatient facilities in Lewisham for the South London and Maudesley NHS Foundation Trust.

The use of the Achieving Excellence in Design Evaluation Toolkit (AEDET) allows an objective assessment to be made of the fitness for purpose of built facilities and can be conducted at design stage and/or after the building is completed.

In Lewisham, the AEDET’s were undertaken some 15 years after the completion of the two facilities as part of a general review of the service being provided.  This enabled the assembled group of interested parties to better understand the qualities of the facilities and their continuing fitness for purpose as well as their future potential.

Clinicians, estates personnel, and residents’ relatives came together to tour both buildings and then, guided by Bob, rated both buildings to make balanced assessments.

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