Oct 6, 2020

New NHS Diagnostic and Treatment Hubs

Medical Intensive Therapy Unit for University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Medical Architecture has always shown leadership in designing new classes of healthcare buildings.

These are interesting times for anyone planning health infrastructure. Older populations and changes in clinical pathways mean that historic assumptions of a large acute hospital linked to tiers of primary and community health clinics are no longer relevant. It’s been clear for two decades that as acute hospitals consolidate and become more specialised many acute services may be better provided closer to home.

A new report by Professor Sir Mike Richards, chair of the independent audit of diagnostic services for NHS England, signals a shift in the kind of facilities required to meet population health needs. The recommendations include increasing the workforce to provide 2,000 additional radiologists and 4,000 radiographers, and providing 150 new community diagnostic centres. The report can be downloaded here:

Medical Architecture look forward to bringing our experience and insight to planning this new generation of NHS Diagnostic and Treatment Hubs.

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