Apr 8, 2021

New mental health facilities for mothers

New mental health facilities for mothers.

This week, NHS England announced plans for 26 new hubs for mothers, offering mental and physical health advice. Due to past health commissioning priorities, these specialist facilities are rare. We have designed two facilities which specialise in peri-natal mental health. Roseberry Park Hospital is one of them, and it offers a great example of what can be achieved.

The complex is set within a landscape structure which is private, safe, and therapeutic. The benefits of privacy and contact with nature, for mothers going through a difficult emotional experience, are fully exploited. The building and its bedrooms are intimately entwined around a series of gardens and courtyards. Each mother has close, generous, and free access to the outdoors.

The gardens and courtyards, each with their own sense of place and scale, provide a variety of sensory experiences from olfactory herb gardens, to planting which promotes biodiversity and wildlife habitation.

Safety is discretely disguised through sensitive design which avoids overt messages of movement restriction and enclosure. Varying sequences of landscape and architecture convey a sense of domesticity and tranquillity, inverting the traditional mental health model.

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