Sep 26, 2019

New inpatient building at St. Ann’s hospital taking shape

Our new mental health inpatient building at St. Ann’s Hospital in Tottenham is beginning to take shape. IHP began construction at the start of this year, with the building due to be complete in the summer of 2020.

View of the new main entrance. The contractor IHP keeping the site tidy. Windows and brickwork coming soon.

The building will accommodate four mental health wards over two storeys. Designed around a standardised layout to provide long-term flexibility and efficient staffing, each ward will enclose its own private courtyard. Through careful planning both floors are configured to provide safe, direct access to outdoor space. Designed to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’, we implemented a strategy of biodiversity to create a therapeutic setting which will promote a healthy lifestyle with good access to daylight, exercise spaces and views of nature.

The bedroom corridor ‘colonnade’ will have a continual view to the courtyard, offering abundant daylight and space. We are particularly pleased with the finish of the circular concrete columns.

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