Mar 13, 2020

Medical Architecture: Covid-19 Pandemic Action

Coronavirus image

Coronavirus image

Coronavirus action: Over the last week our leadership team has developed an operational resilience plan to direct our business through the current pandemic. We are guided by the advice of the UK Government and Public Health England. As part of this preparation we are informing our clients of relevant actions.

Continuity of service

At present, all our staff are working in our offices or attending meetings normally. In the event that schools are closed or individuals are asked to self-isolate we have made the following arrangements:

  • Office landline telephones will continue to be manned and calls can be transferred to staff mobile numbers.
  • Our staff will suggest alternative arrangements for long distance travel or any meetings which require international air travel.
  • Email and all project and management files can be accessed by staff through our remote web portal.
  • As we use expensive and demanding specialist design software such as Revit, which home users are unlikely to have available, we have set up remote desktop access enabling our staff to work at their office machines from home.
  • If individuals are working from home, each office will schedule a daily management video-conference call to monitor progress and productivity.

Supporting our clients

Meetings and conferences can be difficult to arrange in the current circumstances. We are happy to organise the following for you:

  • WebEx conferencing. This enables video, desktop sharing and telephone conferencing for groups of up to 25 individuals. This is simple to arrange and can be accessed by a click link through a web browser or with a free app.
  • Web File Portal. Where large files need to be exchanged securely we have a web-based file portal which allows data to be pooled and exchanged by our staff. If you would like to have log-in arrangements please email

We will post this and regular updates to our operating status on our website at:

Christopher Shaw RIBA. Senior Director. +44(0)7967 020390

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