Jun 18, 2015

Dunwoodie Architects and Medical Architecture – the new collaboration

Dunwoodie Architects and Medical Architecture – the new collaboration

You may already be aware of the collaboration between Dunwoodie Architects and Medical Architecture. Both firms are planning to work together closely over the coming months.

This new venture ensures a better service for our clients in the North East and Yorkshire. The arrangement supports continuity of key individuals for the existing workload and enables us to offer a wider range of skills and resources to secure delivery of your planned future projects.

Common Aims

Led by Paul Yeomans and Pat Dunwoodie, both firms benefit from long-standing and successful relationships with NHS Trusts in the region as the “go-to” providers of planning and design services. Health services facing up to the present economic outlook will require exceptional skills and knowledge of NHS buildings and infrastructure. Dunwoodie Architects and Medical Architecture are in a unique position to meet that challenge through planning and design that facilitates real changes in service delivery – fast.

“We look forward to working closely with Medical Architecture’s Director, Paul Yeomans and his staff to deliver the highest quality architecture and technical expertise for our Clients and to take on new challenges as we move ahead.” – Pat Dunwoodie

Complimentary skills

Joining forces enables both firms to draw on experience and skills acquired in different areas of the health sector. Whilst both firms have a focus on technical standards for hospital design, Dunwoodie bring vast experience in estate development control planning and departmental organisation whilst Medical Architecture has a record of accomplishment in ward configuration as well as international leadership in designing psychiatric hospitals.


Pooling resources is both pragmatic and a commercial opportunity. Bigger will be better for both firms; sharing workload enables staff to focus and become more productive. Reducing duplication will cut overhead costs. Combined, this will enable us to offer our clients a unique value proposition.

Dunwoodie Architects will celebrate 25 years (this month) of delivering of high quality architecture and therefore it is a fitting celebration of this milestone for both Practices to come together.

Expanded Capability

Working together releases an expanded range of capabilities. Medical Architecture always worked with teams spread across multiple offices. Dunwoodie Architects can now call on a national resource who offer both professional leadership and an expanded pool of people with design and planning skills.

Both together have a large combined BIM and 2/3D CAD production capacity with qualified technical staff, the latest design software and a substantial IT infrastructure. This means that clients and contractors can be confident that the largest healthcare projects shall be designed, co-ordinated and delivered to achieve the most demanding programme.

As well as capacity, we are able to deploy the right skills and the right key people for each project.

Quality, Standards and Compliance

Both firms have an enviable record of delivering standards-compliant, high quality and often award-winning facilities. Together we are committed to maintaining those quality standards.

We appreciate that delivering projects on time and on budget is a priority for our clients. By using the combined resources of Dunwoodie and Medical Architecture, you have access to our full technical resources, current NHS Activity Database ADB data and libraries of HBN and HTM standards. Our experience and knowledge of where and how to apply standards ensures you achieve compliance and value for money without compromising quality.

Knowledge and Information

Working with our NHS clients as a trusted partner means that we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and information about facilities and estates plans. This means you can call on us for advice on an ad-hoc basis. We will often have the relevant background information to give you a quick and informed response.

We look forward together, to working with you. For further information or to get in touch, call:

Pat Dunwoodie 0191 216 0694
Paul Yeomans  0191 269 1180


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