Aug 23, 2019

Hospital modernisation an NHS priority

3D BIM analytical model of architecture and engineering proposal for new Intensive Therapy Unit in existing hospital

This month the UK Prime Minister signalled that hospital upgrades would be “an early priority.” This is welcome news after years of capital restraint, opening the opportunity to build or adapt facilities to enable much needed health service transformation.

Numerous hospitals across the UK are in poor condition with a substantial amount of backlog maintenance required. Hospital leadership teams are keen to target available funds to deliver the maximum benefit to frontline clinical teams. This requires a very high level of skill and experience to plan, design and deliver complex projects in a working clinical environment.

Medical Architecture designers have a proven record of making positive high-impact changes to hospitals. These range from rationalisation and repurposing hospitals to upgrades and adaptations of departments, inpatient units and outpatient clinics. Because these are complex projects in a live clinical setting we use the same precision design procedures we would apply to new hospitals. The results are impressive, purposeful and compliant. This delivers improved clinical outcomes, better staff productivity and positive patient feedback, providing great long-term value to the NHS.

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