Oct 17, 2013

Healthcare Design Essentials: Mental Health Admission under Section 136

Emergency access to mental health requires robust and reassuring healthcare design essentials particularly for a space which will hold a Section 136 admission.  This space will accommodate the person for up to 72 hours, during this time the person will undergo assessment and will either be admitted for treatment or discharged. The healthcare design challenge is to creates an environment  that is calming, safe and non-threatening for the person and is protective for staff to conduct effective assessment of the person.

Understanding Section 136:
Many legal jurisdictions have provisions under Mental Health law to detain a person who, appears to have a mental disorder and requires “immediate need of care or control”. In the UK this is provided for by Section 136 which allows for a police officer to remove this person to a Place of Safety.

Download 10 Steps to designing for Section 136