Sep 30, 2019

Designing healthy places

The King’s Fund ‘Creating healthy places’ publication

The new King’s Fund report “Creating Healthy Places” makes the case that wellbeing is more than just health and social care, but is also a product of the environment in which we live and work. The Manchester conference last week identified that a healthy society should undertake a place-based approach to population health while addressing the need for specific action on health inequalities, the importance of working closely with communities and the potential to use new places as a test bed for integrated care.

Underlying this is an approach to planning and design that brings together a new class of health infrastructure with supportive extra care housing. This joined up planning means client organisations, urban designers and architects working together on joint site masterplans, building layouts and multi-agency business cases.

A year ago Medical Architecture and TM Architects came together to form a team to provide the cross-sector skills needed to plan and design a new healthy infrastructure. Our expertise in extra-care housing and integrated care is now focusing on a new generation of One Public Estate projects that will create healthier places.

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