Oct 14, 2013

Dementia Care Design: Key Principles

A third of dementia sufferers currently live in care. For an individual with dementia, being placed into care is both stressful and traumatic. With a declining memory, the setting of care needs to directly respond to these emotions. Design plays a big part in creating an atmosphere that is tranquil and familiar.

Well designed dementia care settings give a positive first impression; they are reassuring and promote self-confidence in the patient, carer, family and friends. Thoughtful planning helps care staff, improves efficiency and communicates a purposeful professional ethos.

With over two decades of experience in Dementia Care design you can be confident that  our team will deliver or exceed your planned objectives. We benchmark designs to ensure best practice and apply evidence-based research to form environments that are responsive to the challenges dementia patients face and supportive for those who provide care.



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