Sep 15, 2021

Celebrating 30 years and the career of Christopher Shaw

Celebrating 30 years and the career of Christopher Shaw.

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed guests to the Medicinal Garden at the Royal College of Physicians for the first of two special events to celebrate our 30th anniversary and the career of practice founder Christopher Shaw.

Amongst the attendees were clients, collaborators, friends and former colleagues of the practice, all having made a valuable contribution to the success of the practice over the years.

In his retirement at the end of this month, Christopher steps away from the practice at a significant milestone in our 30-year journey, and with many reasons to be positive about the next chapter. In a speech to our guests, Directors, Ruairi, Bob, Paul and Lianne, spoke about the impact Christopher has had, not only on the practice, but themselves as individuals, and the field of healthcare architecture as a whole.

In his own reflections, Christopher displayed great modesty in downplaying his accomplishments and thanking those around him for their contributions to his success. It is without a doubt though, that his passion, insight, and dedication to the profession, has had a major impact on the quality of healthcare environments both in the UK and internationally, and that in taking this well-earned break, he will be greatly missed.

It was left to Ruairi, Bob, Paul and Lianne to look to the future, and to reflect on the strength of the practice as we mark our 30-year anniversary. With a fantastic team behind us, great clients and collaborators by our side, and an exciting pipeline of projects ahead in the UK and overseas, there are many reasons for us to celebrate.

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