Nov 11, 2021

Blossom Court named Health winner at the SPACES Awards

Blossom Court named Health winner at the SPACES Awards.

Blossom Court, our new mental health inpatient building for St Ann’s Hospital, has been named Health category winner in the 2021 SPACES Awards.

Organised by the Society for Public Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Surveying (SPACES), the awards recognize collaborative and innovative working in the delivery of sustainable and community-focused spaces for the public sector.

In presenting Blossom Court with the award, the judges said: “The staff look forward to coming to work and the residents feel much happier and safer in their new environment. It’s an incredibly well-resolved project that provides both flexibility and security with creative design.”

Designed for Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust, the building prioritises modern therapeutic spaces with independent access to outdoor space to promote patient wellbeing and recovery, and improve the working lives of NHS staff.

Commenting on the award win, Ruairi Reeves (Director at Medical Architecture) said: “This is another fine example of the success achieved with great teamwork and good early engagement with the local community and the people that the building is there to support. Patients and staff have been very positive in their feedback, and that makes us very proud of what has been achieved.”

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