Oct 10, 2013

Glenside Health Services scoops Gold Award at Architects for Health

Glenside interior view framed by doorway

Newly completed Glenside Health Services has received a Gold Award for Healthcare Design at the Architects for Health IHEEM 2013.  Designed by Medical Architecture in partnership with local Australian firm, Swanbury Penglase Architects, the development in Adelaide is the first in South Australia to integrate mental health and substance abuse services in one facility within the context of an urban design-led master plan.

Through collaborative working, the joint design team have successfully meshed international expertise and emerging trends in mental healthcare design with an experienced understanding of the local architectural vernacular, appreciation of the site and the community it serves.

The benchmark facility adopted the review of existing models of care against international evidence based design principles and applying these lessons learnt into a local context. The international involvement facilitated a rethink in operational policy and encouraged a change in the way mental health facilities are designed.

Achieved to a high standard of aesthetic quality the design solution provides modern health facilities that promote a place of refuge and healing through demystification and de-stigmatisation, with the accommodation of diversity. Reflecting the client’s vision to create a campus integrated within the wider community, the facility adopts a ‘village’ urban design model in a park-like setting the buildings are arranged around a common central shared garden.